Casey Cota, Strength and Conditioning

Vermont Academy Boys Basketball is the definition of College Preparatory Program.  Our program will get you ready to be the best basketball player you can be at all levels from Division 1 through Division 3.  Getting you prepared now for the daily grind of what college sports will be is imperative for your success at the next level.  You will learn the core building blocks for success in the NEPSAC that will carry over to a demanding college program.  Number one you will learn accountability for yourself, your teammates, and for your team.  Second, Academics are the cornerstone of our program, but most of all your future for success.  Third, you will learn that strength training and conditioning will be the tool that will set you apart from other players in the league.  Our Strength and Conditioning component takes the approach of giving you a solid base for technique and challenging you to be strong, balanced, and focus on injury prevention.  Our goal is to make you strong mentally and physically.  We believe that "the only easy day was yesterday”, so we have to get stronger everyday.  


Strength and Condition Coach


Casey Cota