Getting to Prep School

Everybody wants to play prep school basketball, but very few realize what the coaches are looking for.

Here are a few ways to help differentiate from the rest of the talent pool:

1.       Take care of your academics! The higher the GPA, the better your chances are of landing at a prestigious New England Prep School.

2.       Thousands of young basketball players want to attend prep school, and in reality, the coaches can be picky. Recruit the programs that you like with urgency: visit the campus, finish the application early, and communicate with their coaching staff.

3.       Don’t rely on the postgraduate option to make your move.  Very few prep schools prefer postgraduates. In reality, the top prep basketball programs prefer to have student-athletes for multiple years.  Bruce Brown ’16 was at Vermont Academy for three years, and it gave him significant experience while providing continuity to the program and school.

4.       Do your homework prior to the campus visit. If you’re a basketball prospect, then you most likely know that Vermont Academy won the NEPSAC Championship in 2016 and that our recent matriculation list includes Harvard, Wake Forest, Miami, Xavier, Carnegie Mellon, Colby, UVM, Butler, Louisville, etc. But, it would be even more impressive if you knew about M.A.P.S. and what the Core Beliefs are!

5.       Use your resources. We want to know what type of work ethic and character you have. If we hear glowing reviews from credible sources, it will strengthen our perception of you.