Vermont Academy Placement + Preparation

Track record for college placement has been outstanding here at the Academy. Our student-athletes are going to impressive colleges and they are doing well when they get there!

Class of 2015

Corey Johnson (Harvard) *

Ronnie Suggs (Bradley)*

Jimmer Fritzson (Rhode Island)*

Samuel Japhet-Mathias (Wake Forest)

*Denotes Started as Freshman

Class of 2016

Bruce Brown (Miami)

Tyrique Jones (Xavier)

Patrick Fisher (Winthrop)

Tinga Adiang (St. Lawrence)

Nicholas Brooks (WV Wesleyan)

David Huber (Carnegie Mellon)

Class of 2017

Marcus Santos-Silva (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Christian David (Butler)

Jordan Nwora (Louisville)

Bailey Patella (University of Vermont)

Corey Romich (Jacksonville)

and more to come...

Go VA!