Day 1 of Camp

Basketball Camp- Day 1 Blog

August is a transition time because the summer is coming to a close. For us, August means that September is just around the corner, signifying the start to a new school year. And we could not be more excited to get this year underway.

In addition, we are elated for the opportunity to host future Wildcats this week at the Vermont Academy Basketball Camp. Summer is a busy time for us as we travel to recruit future student-athletes and to follow the progress of our current players. It is a great feeling to be back on our gorgeous campus, and we are thrilled to return to Williams Gymnasium with the privilege of hosting our local community.

Monday morning got off to a great start with excitement and energy following the opening remarks. Chants of “I Love Defense” could be heard in nearby Grafton, as the campers worked on their defensive stance, preceded by a dynamic ball handling routine. Next, a few of our current student-athletes demonstrated the proper mechanics of shooting, followed by form shooting. Toes to the target, bend and extend, wrinkle in the wrist, elbow above the eyebrow and freeze the follow-through.

After a brief water break, the younger campers joined Coach Cabrera in our team room for film study. At this time, the older campers worked on full court drills emphasizing space and pace. Later in the morning, the older guys had the opportunity to watch film, too. While this was happening, the younger guys got back on the court and worked on their full court passing, ball handling, and finishing in the painted area.

Day 1 gave us an impressive foundation of fundamentals, and we are looking forward to building on this today. 


Go VA!