Camp Day 2

Day 2 of camp kicked off with great energy as the campers returned to Williams Gymnasium. 

Here at Vermont Academy Basketball Camp, we refuse to just "roll the basketballs out". We prefer drills, instruction, and competition over just games. Monday's emphasis was 3 and D (better known as shooting and defense). Tuesday's emphasis was passing and communication. We mentioned that communication is king in the game of basketball and in the game of life. Our central theme of passing and communication was a focal point in each activity throughout the day.    

The most popular activity of the day was the all-camp “Passing Tag.” Campers worked together in two teams to pass the basketball around while attempting to tag their opponents out with the ball. It's a simple task, but the team with the best communication and passing usually wins and this holds them accountable. Corey Romich '17 (Captain of Vermont Academy) led his group to a big win.

The first two days of camp were everything we could have hoped for as the campers came with consistent energy, enthusiasm, and a willingness to learn. Our campers and coaches have demonstrated buy-in and it's been pleasure to witness the results.

Bring on Day 3!

Go VA!