10 Paramount Questions for the College Selection Process

Here is what every student-athlete needs to consider when making this critical decision:

1.       Could you picture yourself happy at the institution if you had an injury?

2.       What is their alumni network like?

3.       Do they have your preferred major?

4.       What is the current trend of their coaching staff/program?

5.       At the college level, the facilities tell a story: are they invested to this program?

6.       What is your current relationship/trust level with the coaching staff?

7.       Does location and size play a role in the decision? It’s often easier to discover what you don’t want versus what you do want in the process. 

8.       Are you genuinely interested? The second best answer these college recruiters can hear is no.

9.       Does their style of play suit your strengths and weaknesses?

10.   Will you be in a position to be successful upon graduation from the school?